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Are you looking for a guided tour to India? Would you like to experience an incredible journey that takes you back in time? Come travel with us on a vacation experience of a lifetime! Our India spiritual tour package puts you in touch with the “real” India.

Your holiday in India with India Shakti Tours is a photographers dream, and may even be the life changing experience of “enlightenment” that millions have come here searching for. Our experienced guide’s deep familiarity with the spiritual traditions and places of India, will help you get insight into the oldest culture of the world.

India’s spiritual culture is a living one – ancient temples, mystic yogis, sadhus, and sacred rivers. India seems to have a secret mystical adventure built right into its landscape. It’s no wonder why American author Mark Twain said, “India is, the cradle of the human race. Having seen “her” once, by even a glimpse, one would not give that glimpse for the shows of all the rest of the world combined”. Many of our guests have written similar remarks in their trip journals.

Are we sounding yet like the India tour you have in mind, or the one you have been dreaming of? Book our India spiritual retreat tour today!

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Whether you go on our special guided tour to the holy places of north India, or visit the cultural richness of south India, or choose a trekking package to the Himalayas in Nepal where countless ancients have gone to sever their ties with the mundane world and enter into the secluded life of austerity and mystic yoga, all our group tours are designed to simply fascinate you. We also sometimes combine all three tour packages and destinations into a more extended trip, lasting 45 days.

Shakti means divine power or energy. At India Shakti Tours we arrange for not only the exotic and ancient sites to see, but on our tour you will also get the opportunity to mix with the various sadhus (saintly persons and teachers) through sangha and kirtan during our stay. Our travelers become an actual and participating part of the timeless and vibrant spiritual culture. The ancient Vedas (spiritual teachings of India) say that enlightenment leads one next, to perpetual happiness and bliss. The estimated value of such realization and revelation is priceless. We hope you will sign up for our next guided India tour today!

Oh, I almost forgot. It is stated in the Vedas that even a short pilgrimage to some of India’s holy places, cast away hundred of lifetimes worth of bad karma!

We invite you along for the dream of a lifetime, in helping you to experience sacred INDIA! We hope you will join us.

During our Spring Tour, we will have hatha-yoga classes every day, taught by Maureen Dagon, who is planning to come along for the tour. Her website is


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India Tours, Guided Escorted Group Tours in India – Facebook Page


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